pro group photography

i bought pro group photography via Groupon.
still haven confirm location and date 😛

let’s grab one 🙂

* * *

finally we confirm photo shoot date with person in-charge Mr Benny and received email confirmation from Mr Benny.

Session confirmed!
Your session is confirmed on : 30th June, Sunday, Hort Park, 1530
Please be 5mins early and provide us with the PRINTED VOUCHER. Please note that cancellations must be made 7days in advance or the voucher may be voided. Thank you for your understanding. In the event it rains on the day of session, we will inform clients immediately and reschedule from there.

Note that producing a printed copy of the voucher is a compulsory requirement to redeem your photo-shoot.

Address : 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road, Singapore 119578

Where to meet : Please also refrain from enquiring at the visitor center, do not hesitate to call us. ( Note that we are NOT located at the visitor’s centre )
A Map is attached to this email which you can download in your mobile, its a straight forward path, follow the red lines on the Map and you will reach us, its about 3-5 Minutes walk from the Carpark/visitor’s centre. Walk into the park, when you pass the playground which should be on your left you will reach the “Hands on” House, we are located there. Its a big sheltered house with Fans Toilets benches, a small straw house and Vending machines.

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